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How to search the burial and cremation registers

To search for a burial or cremation, simply enter a surname in the “surname” box, e.g. entering “Robinson” in the surname box will list all of the burials and cremations with that surname.

You may narrow your search by entering a firstname in the “firstname” box e.g. If you also enter “James” in the firstname box, all of the burials in the name of “James Robinson” will be listed.

Extended search

If you tick the extended search checkbox next to the surname box this will extend the surname search such that searching for "John" will also find "Johnson" & "Johns" etc. Similarly, the checkbox next to the firstname(s) box works in the same manner.

To search for burials or cremations on a specific date, enter a date, e.g. 31/01/1973 in the “Burial/Cremation Date” box, or to search within a date range, enter two dates separated by a space e.g. 01/01/1973 31/01/1973.

On the results page, clicking on the column headings will sort the results differently, e.g. clicking on “Burial/Cremation Date” will sort the results in date order.

Records held

Our database contains records for the following cemeteries/crematorium

  • New Battersea Cemetery (Morden Cemetery)
  • Putney Lower Common Cemetery
  • Putney Vale Crematorium
  • Putney Vale Cemetery
  • St Mary's Cemetery (Battersea Rise Cemetery)
  • Wandsworth Cemetery

Please note

All records before 1985 will include a scanned image of the burial/cremation register page. From 1985 onward textual register information only is available including, cemetery/crematorium name, surname, firstname, grave number/cremation number and burial/cremation date.